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We are a team of finance, tech, and conservation people setting out to save all forests, forever.

We do not want to tell you how bad the climate crisis really is. Our entire focus goes towards engineering a solution.

What is one of the main drivers of the climate crisis? Deforestation. Why? A massive amount of carbon gets released at once while biodiverse ecosystems disappear forever. What about replanting them? Not enough time in terms of carbon capture. Impossible in terms of restoring biodiversity. You can replant a single organism but not a natural system that took million years to develop. We need to halt global deforestation until we reach a truly sustainable global economy.

Nobody hates nature. So, why is there deforestation? Because there is a business case for it. Why? Because forest land is priced very low which makes it profitable to transform. But why exactly are forests priced so low? Because they are packaged in an unstable legal-financial format. This is what brings us to the heart of the problem and the solution.

Our mission is not to save a few forests. Our mission is to bring forests globally to their true price point. We aim to bring forests to the global financial markets as standardized and tradable natural assets with secondary market dynamics. These forests serve as precedent cases, showing the world through price what the real value of forests is. A global natural asset revaluation will inspire and financially strengthen governments and local landowners all over the planet.

It is the only way to stop deforestation.

Kjell Clarysse
Founder & CEO

Our Team

It is an understatement to say that this is a complex business. For that reason, we’ve assembled a diverse and deeply experienced team to orchestrate every aspect of Forestbase. We are experts in finance, conservation, technology, and law. And some of us have lived (and currently live) in the very kinds of forests we are setting out to save. Want to join our team?

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