Who are we?

Forestbase is a climate finance company bringing a Nature-Based Solution to financial markets in the form of asset-backed shares (security) as well as high-quality credits. We operate at the heart of Natural Capital: non-extractive conservation of primary rainforests. We’re a Swiss-based investment company and we operate globally.

Our reason of being is to pursue the recognition of nature's intrinsic value by enabling ethical investments in stable ownership. We envision an equitable financial system for nature and humankind.

We are not a

- Blockchain or crypto company
- Climate-tech company (but we are tech-enabled!)
- Credit Registry
- Sustainable logging company
- Non-profit or NGO
- Public organisation
- Fund


We are a dedicated team of finance, legal, and conservation people. We don't need to show how bad the climate crisis really is. Our entire focus goes towards engineering a solution.

Head of Operations & Sourcing
Project Coordinator
Business Development
Project Manager Brazil
Forestry Engineer
Project Lead Indonesia
Project Lead South Asia
Project Lead Colombia
Marketing Manager
Legal - Financial Architect
Project Lead Brazil


Our global sourcing team consists of experts on the legal, social and biological side of rainforests, most of whom scout and operate locally in their native country and biome. For precautionary measures we shall not yet disclose their information.


Economist & Financial Executive
Impact Accounting & Valuing Natural & Social Capital