Carbon Credits

Our mission is to design, develop, manage and operate high integrity carbon credit projects and leverage the outcome and positive impact with community involvement and technology.

Our focus is on legally stable but highly threatened forest landscapes with critical biodiversity and carbon stocks for our projects to achieve the biggest possible effect.
We spend months meticulously analyzing every legal, social, environmental and financial component of the offered plots to meet our in-house developed quality assessment benchmark test.
Project design & development
Forestbase is specialized in building carbon credit projects from scratch to end, ensuring the creation of high integrity credits.
Our work starts in sourcing the land, the full spectrum of technical, legal and social work, including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, the FPIC process, and PDD development for the project.
We are structuring and designing the legal, commercial and financial aspects of each project.
We establish local & international SPVs and design fair and transparent benefit sharing agreements with the community.
Crafting a meticulous and resilient project execution plan.
Delivering precise, transparent cost estimates for projects.
Leveraging our unique Risk and Opportunity Framework to mitigate risks and enhance project optimization.
Implementing advanced tools, systems, and expertise in major project management to streamline reporting, enhance decision-making, and drive successful project outcomes.
We adopt a "hands-on" approach, deeply embedded in the daily operations, management, and governance of our assets. This commitment ensures the utmost reliability in asset performance and the accuracy of claims throughout the project's lifespan. We optimize by creatively implementing technology across the entire carbon asset lifecycle, enhancing quality MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) processes and promoting transparent benefit sharing.

Delivering integrity and transparency

We develop our projects in accordance and beyond The Core Carbon Principles (CCPs).
The CCPs are ten fundamental, science-based principles for identifying high-quality carbon credits that create real, verifiable climate impact.
A. Governance
1. Effective governance
2. Tracking
3. Transparency
4. Robust independent third-party validation and verification
B. Emissions Impact
5. Additionality
6. Permanence
7. Robust quantification of emission reductions and removals
8. No double-counting
C. Sustainable Impact
9. Sustainable development benefits and safeguards
10. Contribution toward net zero transition
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