Carbon Credits

Ecosystem services are essential and need to be valued accordingly. High-integrity and nature-backed. Verified and scrutinized, as it should.

We focus on non-extractive conservation of primary rainforest. Even though we are agnostic, we currently embrace both the methodology of Verra (REDD+, avoidance) and Social Carbon (removals). We also apply the 'Climate, Community & Biodiversity' (CCB) standard. Our credits can be used for Beyond Value Chain Mitigation or offsetting of residual emissions
We align with the 10 Integrity’s Council’s Core Carbon Principles and stand behind the SBTi and SBTn framework to battle greenwashing. Our focus on the use of peer-reviewed data and techniques is crucial when developing the high-quality and integrity projects. Moreover, actively engaging with local stakeholders is a key element in our conservation model. We contribute to 9 of the 16 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
Market flexibility
Since we incorporate the forest land itself we have exposure to not just carbon, but all developing (e.g. biodiversity) and future ecosystem services, while also remaining flexible to changing regulatory frameworks (e.g we can choose the most appropriate methodology on a project basis).